Scripts for Infomercials

Whoopee Cushion Infomercial by Katie Heck:

Cast: 2 either


Whoopee cushion

J: Hello, everyone! I’m here with a new and improved classic novelty!

N: The classic prank of the Whoopee cushion under the chair is BACK!

Both: And smellier than ever!

J: This new product comes complete with smell.

N: So now, your friends will be blamed for breaking wind any time you want.

J: How about a little demonstration for the audience?

N: Great idea. (Blows up cushion and creates farts.)

J: Oh, that smells awful!

N: Wow, that is bad.

Both: This can be yours for only three easy payments of $5.99.

N: So call now before we pass out from the smell, 555-1234.

Cologne Surprise
Infomercial Skit

Cologne Surprise Infomercial Skit

Cast: 1 m, 1 f, 1 either


Perfume bottles

For Version 2, chairs and blindfolds 

Version 1 written by the actors:

(Salesperson stands behind table on a street corner. Man and Woman start to walk past.)

Salesperson: (Stops Man and Woman) Whoa there! Wouldn’t you like to try this new cologne for men from Llamarama, sir?

Man: No thanks.

Salesperson: Aww, come on. This new cologne is a very MANLY scent!

Man: I said no. (Man and Woman try to move past Salesperson, but he/she sprays them both with the cologne.)

Man: Wow! That is a manly scent! I love it! I’ll take three bottles!

Woman: What a pretty smell! It reminds me of roses and daisies! (Salesperson packs everything up and quickly moves off)

Man: Somehow, I think we’ve just been duped.

Version 2 written by Katie Heck:

(Man and Woman sit in chairs, blindfolded. Salesperson enters with cologne bottle.)

Salesperson: Hello everyone, my name is (Name) and I am here to tell you about a great product (holds up cologne bottle) Llamarama Cologne for men. Now, this cologne is one of a kind. This men’s cologne is a very manly scent, and to prove my point I will have this brave volunteer tell you what he smells. (Salesperson walks over to Man and sprays some cologne.)

Man: Wow! That is a manly scent! I love it! I’ll take three bottles!

Salesperson: See, this is one of a kind. Now let’s see what our female volunteer thinks of this. (Salesperson walks over to Woman and sprays cologne.)

Woman: What a pretty smell! It reminds me of roses and daisies!

Salesperson: (Looks surprised) Ummm, that’s all the time we have for today. Remember, for just $39.99 this cologne could be yours. Just call 555-1234.

Knife Infomercial
by Katie Heck


Knife that will break when needed

(A and B enter stage with knife.)
A: Hello, I’m (name). 

B: And I’m (name).

Both: And we’re here to tell you about the new Llamarama Indestructible Knife!

A: It slices (Demonstrates knife)-

B: It dices-

Both: And it will never break!

A: Are you thinking this is too good to be true?

B: Are you wondering just how much a knife like this would cost?

Both: Well we will tell you-

A: This knife is made from a new steel that will never break, rust, or get dull.

B: And if you call within the next ten minutes, it can be yours for only ten payments $5.99!

Both: This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer! SO CALL NOW!

B: Call 555-1234 (Finger motions to show numbers) now! Once again, that’s 555-1234! (Finger motions again. A test knife one more time to prove it can’t break and it snaps in half.)

A: (Throws knife away) Ummm…And if you call in the next five minutes, we will throw in the Indestructible fork and spoon! (Both have big fake smile.)

(End scene, both exit)

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